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Canton Fair Hotels, Guangzhou Hotels

Guangzhou, China holds the largest trade fair twice a year in the spring and autumn, The Canton Fair. Finding a hotel in Guangzhou during the Canton Fair can be a challenge with so many people attending from around the world. At we can help your travel plans with a great selection of Guangzhou Fair Hotels and in the nearby area.

Canton Fair hotels include: Royal Mediterranean Hotel, Shangri-la Hotel Guangzhou, Ritz Carlton Guangzhou, Good International Hotel, Regal Riviera Hotel Guangzhou, Nan Yang Royal Hotel, Jianguo Hotel, Ramada Plaza Guangzhou, Baiyun Hotel, Garden Hotel Guangzhou, Westin Guangzhou, Pazhou Hotel, Holiday Inn Guangzhou, Grand Royal Hotel, and many more excellent choices to make your visit to the Canton Fair hotels special. Guangzhou Fair Hotels are well situated to facilitate your trip to an historical sight or great local attraction, or the best Cantonese restaurants and shopping. Whether you want to see museums and art, famous embroideries, sculptures and ivory carvings, jade sculptures or just find great local cuisine; it will be within reach of your Canton Fair hotel.

Canton Fair 2020

The Canton Fair 2020 is the 128th Canton Fair, which will be held in Guangzhou from Oct. 15th to Nov. 4th, 2020.

We at Canton Fair look forward to serving you at both of these excellent events in helping fulfill all of your travel needs from hotels to travel around Guangzhou.

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